Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Family Portrait Specials

I may be a little late on posting my Christmas Family Portrait Specials for this year... but I will work extra hard to have a super fast turn around so you get your images in time to print and send to family!

And did I mention 40% off?!?!

Tell your friends! {no really, if they book because of you, you get referal discounts, specials, and extra love ^_~}

Monday, November 8, 2010

Eric + Joleen {+ two on the way!} | Genoa Family Portrait Session {Sneak Peek}

Eric and Joleen were one of my Images for a Cure Portrait mini-sessions in Genoa. They opted for a late afternoon-evening time slot. I didn’t think anything of it… especially after a morning session that had PERFECT weather – slight cloud cover, streaking sun through golden leaves, and a gentle warm breeze. But when I arrived back at the park in the evening, the sun had already set just enough to leave the park out of the path of the sun’s rays. Everything looked cold, dead, and dull. Bleh! I was not happy. Then the wind started to blow… hard. And my mood went from bleh to grouch.

But Joleen and Eric arrived with their two little puppies and lit up my camera’s frame. ;] The joy and glow of expecting twins was written across their faces, and they braved the wind like nobody’s business.

Here’s a sneak peek of their shoot! A full post to come. ;]

The Ohlers | Genoa Family Portrait Session {Sneak Peek}

What do you get when you mix a beautiful park on a warm autumn day, with a beautiful mother, her adorable four children, and a photographer? A super fun super cute session. The Ohler family was one of my Images for a Cure Portrait mini-sessions in Genoa. Unfortunately their dad was out of town on business, so we focused on the kids and had a blast playing in the leaves and climbing trees and making silly faces! ;]

Here’s a sneak peek. More adorableness to come!


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