Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apple vs PC

Which side are you on? Are you pro-Apple or pro-PC/open source/etc??

Back when I was in college the debate was always about which computer system was better, and generally Apple won by popular opinion in the art/photography groups.  I had still have a slow Compaq computer that did a horrible job processing photographs compared to the MAC computer in the library.  I usually spent every free moment on campus in the library on those macs. But when I got home I was stuck with my dinosaur.  I vowed when I finally got a new computer I'd get a MAC.

In June 2009, I got my first smartphone.  Until then is been using an old phone on which I could  only make phone calls and listen to voicemail... I couldn't even text!!!  Enter iPhone 3Gs and key world flipping upside down.  Pictures, emails, texting, social media, EVERYTHING was at my fingertips at anytime of day. For the last 2 years its been great (except for the ATT network it was attached to, but that's a different story for another time).  Up until the last 2 weeks I've been pro-Apple.

Apple has a great reputation and the stuff to back it up.  BUT they aren't the only option.  You'll spend twice as much for an Apple computer than if you build it.  My dad is an engineer and has built all our family's pcs as far back as I can remember.  I put off buying a new computer for years because I couldn't commit  to spending the extra money for the Apple name, but I couldn't give up really really wanting an Apple.  In the end I chose to have my pc custom built.  I saved over $1000 that I'm going to use for a new lens.  My new computer is racing fast and is exactly what I wanted.  It may not be a MAC, but its the quality of the photographic work I create and provide to customers that matters, not what system I edited them on. 

Last week we found out ATT decided to let us out of our contract early and free of charge (we've had THAT many issues... But again its another story for another time).  Our friend Akiya works at Verizon and so Jeff (hubby) figured out everything to get new phones and s new contract setup asap.  I'm usually the one to take months to make a decision, and suddenly I was faced with choosing between the Apple iPhone4 or the HTC Thunderbolt.  I stressed like crazy trying to decide. I knew and loved my 3Gs but heard the iPhone 4 on Verizon had bad signal, and couldn't do some other important things (Anyone have a Verizon iPhone who can comment?). The tbolt had a bigger screen, would run on 4 LTE (which is supposed to be fast.. whenever that comes to our area) and had perks of running on open source software.  I went back and forth and even woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it.  

I went with the tbolt with the assurance I could exchange it during the trial period. It's taken me a couple days to figure it out, but its a pretty neat phone.  Smart phones are so similar that its mainly just a matter of relearning locations and such.  I miss the ease of screenshots and Instagram, but those aren't dealbreakers.  I'm no less of a photographer or artist because I don't have an iPhone.  Technology is great, but I really believe its what a person expresses about themselves that holds value, not the technology they use to do so. 

But what do you think? Are you pro-Apple, pro- pc, or neutral?  What products do you own and what do you think about them?

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