Friday, September 23, 2011

Adam + Ally | Minden Wedding {Sneak Peek}

I  nearly fell out of my chair as I started looking through Adam & Ally's wedding images.  I'm completely in love with them.
I have dozens of favorites, but you'll have to wait for the full blog post to enjoy them!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hows your health? I want to live a healthier lifestyle

054/365 - June 03, 2009
During my first year of marraige I gained at least 15 pounds. It snuck up on me slowly and I didn't realize it until one day I looked in the mirror and realized my clothes no longer fit and my body and face had lost their definition. When I was in high school I was in amazing shape. I ran every day and did weight training a few times a week. But I never really ate well. I was pretty healthy, but with unhealthy habits. Fast forward into marriage, abandoning my daily exercise routine, and continuing to eat poorly and its no wonder I gained the weight.

Once I realized how it happened, I started watching what and how much I ate and made sure that I exercised somewhat regularly. It helped, I lost the extra weight and felt better. But I still had unhealthy habits that I hadn't broken, and for a few years I yo-yo'd between eating really healthy and eating very poorly.

A couple months ago I decided it was time to really focus on living healthier. I'm not overweight and don't have a specific goal weight in mind. But I could feel that my body was weighed down, sluggish, and not where it should be. Additionally, a number of bad health things run in my family (like heart disease, breast cancer, osteoperosis, high blood pressure, etc). I set a goal to live healthier. I figured I can do my best to improve my chances of not having serious health problems by eating right and exercising. Plus it comes with the benefit of feeling better, being alert, and having more energy on a day-to-day basis.

The two main parts of my goal are to eat better and exercise regularly. Everyone knows that we should try to do these things, but we have so many excuses and its easy to ignore.

Food: I've been focusing on eating more veggies and fruits each day, and cutting back on the amount of carbs and sweets I eat (because I was eating almost completely carbs). My biggest motivator is reminding myself that food is fuel and trying to pick things that will fuel my body in a good way.

Exercise: I used to run all the time, but I injured my knee this past year and it hasn't fully recovered yet. Instead, I've been doing interval and circuit training at the gym. It was easy for me to fit into my schedule because Jeff normally goes to the gym after work, so I started going after work as well. And I've been consistent! I even made the top 10 users list for June!!

Progress so far: After almost 2-3 months of eating healthier and exercising consistently, I feel great - physically and mentally. I'm determined to keep it up. I've been roping friends into it so that I'm not alone in my quest to be healthier ;] I'm not on a diet or a exercise fad. I'm working towards a healthier lifestyle. One that is maintainable and enjoyable.

I would love for you to join me!

If you have any recipes you want to share or ideas on how to prevent giving up on your goals, please share them in the comments below! What are your biggest challenge related to food and exercise?

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dave + Esther | Gardnerville-Spooner Engagement Session {Sneak Peek}

Dave and Esther and I had ourselves a fun little adventure for their engagement session this past week.
Here's a sneak peek!

Isn't Esther just stunning?

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Akiya + Jessica | Minden, NV Family Portrait Session {Sneak Peek}

Last week our really close friends Akiya & Jessica visited from Kentucky. We were heartbroken when they moved across the country a couple years ago. Our families were really close, hanging out almost every day. We've kept in touch through skype and phone calls, but it definately did not compare to getting to hang out with them again! We did an impromptu photoshoot in their parent's backyard while they were here. I can't wait to develop all of their pictures, but here's an especialy cute one of Jess.

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