Thursday, September 30, 2010

Images for a Cure - coming soon!!

Last year, I learned about a great opportunity to use my photography talents to make a difference. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate due to a scheduling conflict. I told myself I would make sure to participate this year, but completely forgot.

Thankfully I was reminded tonight, and with two hours to spare I registered to participate in Images for a Cure! Essentially, I choose one day in November to schedule as many photoshoots as I can, and all of the session fees get donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. The shoots are scheduled and fees collected during October since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So stay tuned!! I'll announce the date and details soon! If you've wanted to schedule a shoot, but weren't sure about it, now you have an added reason! By scheduling your shoot, you're helping fund research and awareness about breast cancer.

:] Get excited!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ruby + Alisha | Lifestyle Session {Sneak Peek}

Sneak peeks like this make me go awww! Alisha and I did maternity portraits almost a year ago. Now her little girl is ten months old! This past Monday we got together again to do a photoshoot with Ruby. Here's a few images from that shoot. ;]

Ruby 01
Ruby 02
Ruby 03
Ruby 04

More to come!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eddie + Kirsten | S. Lake Tahoe Engagment Session

I adore Eddie and Kirsten. Kirsten has always been able to put on any outfit and look adorable. She has a quiet smile, a delicate laugh, and a humble yet sweet personality. Eddie is her perfect match. He's strong and kind, has an eccentric laugh and warm personality. They are both absolutely gorgeous on their own, and then you put them together and they’re too cute to handle! To make things even better, they planned ahead, picking out locations, clothes, even shoot ideas. Could my job be any easier? ;]

We started in a field across the street from Kirsten’s house, climbing over a barbed wire fence (Kirsten in sandals and a dress and me with my camera gear). The field wasn’t grass, but rather allergy-triggering weeds… but they were troopers and put up with it.

ESKP-EP_blog 01

Then we headed up to South Lake Tahoe. They had scoped out some beautiful locations the week before.
ESKP-EP_blog 02

They found this road, off the beaten path, that winds around the mountainside through pine trees and aspen groves, past waterfalls, and small trickling creeks. Peaceful and beautiful.
ESKP-EP_blog 03
ESKP-EP_blog 04
ESKP-EP_blog 05
ESKP-EP_blog 06

You can’t tell by these next photographs, but the aspen grove was filled with mosquitos. In the 10 minutes we were at this location, we were eaten alive. I had 10-20 red bites on my arms and legs the next morning.
ESKP-EP_blog 07

We reached Valhalla right as the sun started to set over the mountains. After a gorgeous day, beautiful locations, and a smoochy-adorable couple, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to the shoot.
ESKP-EP_blog 08
ESKP-EP_blog 09

Did I mention that Kirsten found this dress at a thrift store? She knows how to shop, and find adorable vintage clothes that fit her perfectly. ;] So jealous.
ESKP-EP_blog 10
ESKP-EP_blog 11
ESKP-EP_blog 12


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