Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day Seven | Fall Fashion Week

Today is last day of Fall Fashion Week on Emery Jo's blog. Sad day. But hopefully we've all gained new blogs to lurkfollow and new friends to exchange ideas with! I had so much fun looking at everyone else's styles and getting new fashion ideas.

Day Seven: Happy Reformation Day! On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church's door in Whittenburg, against the indulgences of the church. This event started the Reformation, which {among many other things} led to the Bible being translated into English and widely distributed.
Today Jeff and I went to church pretty much most of the day. In Sunday School service we are going through the book Worldliness. Then Hebrews 12:25-27 in morning service and Matthew 7:1 in the afternoon service. I really really really wanted to wear a dress to church today, but all my dresses are summery, and I couldn't find a warm enough sweater/blazer that matched. So I was stuck with jeans again. When we got home from church we drove to the park in the neighboorhood across from ours.
Tonight we're turning off our lights, eaching some enchiladas, and snuggling up to watch netflix and chow down on some halloween candy {that we aren't sharing with neighboor kids}.

I really enjoyed having a loose curls hairstyle yesterday, so I did a loose side bun today.
I love this loose sweater. I bought it at a thrift store a couple months ago. Great find.
These gray boots are so cute, but I never know what to wear them with. I need to get some cute tights so I can wear them with my sweater dress.
This watch necklace was my grandmother's. It is so delicate and feminine and actually works! Plus the watch part faces up so when you hold it in your hand you can read it. ;]

Jeans: Same jeans as day six{I really really really love these jeans.}
Burgandy or maroon tank: Target
Gray cable-knit sweater: Thrifted
Gray boots: Famous Footwear
Watch necklace: inherited from my Grandmother

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day Six | Fall Fashion Week

I am so sad that Fall Fashion Week is almost over. This week flew by, but I've had a blast looking at everyone's outfits. (although I still haven't made it through all the links for each day.. so many!) Still time to join or check out the other bloggers on Emery Jo's blog.

Day Six: Happy Nevada Day! One of the days this weekend is Nevada Day. {its complicated, normally its on Halloween, but they started celebrating on the last Friday of the October instead} I've lived in Nevada my entire life, and so I've never really thought about the fact that we have a state holiday. All schools and state offices take the day off and on Saturday there is always a parade. But apparently, most states don't have their own holiday. There is no California Day or Texas Day {is there?}. But we do, and we celebrate!

As I kid I grew up watching the parade in Carson City each and every year. Then in middle school I was in the marching band {major geek, played the flute} so I had to march in the parade. But I started watching less often as I got older until these past few years I haven't gone at all. I figured I wouldn't today either. Until my hubby called me from his dad's house and told me I should come down and join the fun. {they were going to breakfast, but there were lots of people and parade floats and he thought I'd enjoy hanging out with them.} I, however, was still in my undies, in bed, contemplating sleeping just a little bit longer {it was already almost 10am}.

A half hour later I was dressed and weaving my way through a crowd of people to walk to the cafe inside the nugget casino. We had to cross through the parade, so Jeff gave everyone his best princess wave, and everyone cheered. After breakfast we headed to a family friend's new karate/dance studio right on main street. They let us go up on the roof to watch some of the parade, and I couldnt get enough of the neighbooring building's walls. Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod {left it in the car} but I did have my camera. Jeff played photographer for most of the shots and then my battery died. {want wont}
Did I mention it was freezing today?! And here's a picture of my lovely hubby!

Details: Getting ready in 30 minutes meant skipping the shower, and not washing my hair. So I pulled it into a sloppy pony-tail with a simple headband {the headband is black so you really can't see it, plus my hair is tucked into and wrapped around it}
The flats are my favorite! Unfortunately they are old and completely worn in. The bottoms have split in half and are held together by packing tape. {does anyone know any other product I could use to fix them?}
The scarf I found on clearance at target. Its quirky, and adds the perfect splash of color.

Jeans: Same jeans as day two {I really really love these jeans.}
Black long sleeve shirt: Brand I don't recognize from Ross/Marshalls
Jacket: Target, 5+ years ago. It can be really cute/dressy, or it has an attachable sweatshirt type hood that buttons in and makes it cute/casual/warmer {like today}
Pink Polka-dot Scarf: Target clearance
Black Flats: Ross or Marshalls

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Outtakes: Jumping off a ledge, husband operator error, and silly faces {my husband loves this picture... ha!}

Happy Nevada Day any of you who live in Nevada!

Searching for Contentment

The past few weeks I've really recognized a lack of contentment with my life. I'm always searching for what is next. Wishing I was in a different stage of life. Jealous of other people and their lives.

But as often as I wish and long for something else, something different, or something more, I realize I am not being thankful for what I have and where I am. My life is great. I am saved by the grace of God. I have a husband who loves me dearly. We both have jobs, a house in a safe neighborhood, food in our tummies and fridge, and plenty of stuff to read/do/enjoy. We have a wonderful church body, amazing friends, and families that would do anything for us. We have goals, and have the ability to work towards those goals. Jeff plays guitar. I do crafty artsy things. There is no reason I shouldn't be happy to be exactly where God has us exactly at this moment.

I think there are two main reasons I'm not content.

First, my view of my life and the lives of others is skewed. When I'm living day to day, I don't really stop each time something is great and just take it in. Instead it passes by with the rest of the day - good and bad. But when I look at someone else's life, I only see the highlights and then extrapolate those highlights onto the rest of their life. Then when I compare their perfect life with my glazed over good-bad, it doesn't compare, and its easy to be unhappy with where I am.

And second {and more importantly}, I'm not grateful for where I am and what I have because I do not recognize God's grace in placing me in this life. I'm not saturated in the word, and therefore I do not easily recognize the power of God in my life. I don't fully understand my sin and therefore do not fully understand forgiveness of sin.

Having the right perspective comes so much more naturally when Christ is the center-focus of my life, and therefore, a constant reminder in day-to-day activities. But what I have to remember is that Christ-centeredness cannot come by simply being a Sunday church-goer and attending an occasional bible study. I must be saturated in the word and allow God to work in my heart. I have to be disciplined to read and pray in order that my heart may change. But I must be disciplined. It is easy to say I will, and easy to think I will, but to put it into practice is hard. To overcome all my excuses and my laziness is extremely difficult.

There is no reason to not look forward to the future and to other stages of life, as long as the future doesn't becomes more important than the present and does not become more important than Christ. Lord, teach me to be content with where you have me today and what you have given me to do and to be.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Five | Fall Fashion Week

So it just seems to work better these past couple days to post at/after 10pm. I was actually the first person for what was technically day 5's list {But I was posting day 4's outfit} over on Emery Jo's blog. {its exciting to be the first to post!}

Day Five: I always make lists for what I need to do on Fridays.. and then I never seem to even complete half of my list. It didn't help that today I was in a slightly sour mood. I slept in {which really should have helped} and had to deal with some work stuff when I woke up.

Then sent my press release for Images for a Cure to all the local papers and radio stations. I was so nervous {I actually got butterflies!}. I really hope that some of the papers will run my story and help me raise some $ for breast cancer research!

In the afternoon I ran into town to hang flyers for Images for a Cure at the Starbucks/coffeeshops around town. {I was still nervous.. and managed to completely forget to introduce myself at every single place I went!! oh my goodness...} Thankfully most of the places hung the flyer right on the spot, only one had to check with a manager.

When I got home I was not in a mood to do anything. I wanted to sit. or take a nap. But I remembered I needed to shoot my fashion pics for the day and drug my sorry butt out of the house. A block from my house there's a trailhead that leads to a hole bunch of interweaving trails through the sagebrush covered hills. A little ways down the trail there is this old tree that I love. It has branches every which way, has a couple low enough to climb/jump up into, and sits in a perfect scenic little area. I love this tree. Its been the backdrop for many images over the last couple years. ;]

Details: I wore the sweater for part of the day but it was warm enough I didn't need really need it.
The vest I bought for 25 cents at a garage sale, then undid some of the stitching to shorten the straps and take in the sides. {such an awesome deal}
The shoes were a pair my husband picked out because he loved them.. but once I brought them home and started wearing them he decided he didn't like them as much {he's not a fan of the peep toe}. And I have to share - that I was running like a madwoman from my tripod, down a short hill, and jumping up into the tree, while in these heels, just to get the right shot.

Jeans: Same jeans as day one
Shirt: Years and years ago.. maybe Target?
Vest: Garage sale
Sweater: Years and Years old.. no clue where I got it
Heels: Target

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Outtakes: I was still hoping I could use my remote.. but no sucess. Then my husband called. And on the first jump into the tree I banged my head on the upper branch. I now have a bump/bruise/scrap at my hairline. Ouch!

I'm off to play Bunko with some church ladies! ;]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Four | Fall Fashion Week

Each day I'm posting my fashion day later and later... {I really should have started my week Sunday and posted Sunday's outfit on Monday.. and so on, but oh well!} As a result of my lateness, I MISSED the cutoff for posting to Emery Jo's linky thingy for day 3 . {I'm pacific time so it was 10:01pm here when I posted and then headed to her page and it was already past 12:00am there.}

And after finishing the post, wrapping up linking to it, I caught up on a few emails and then went to bed, thinking I'd finally be able to get a decent night of rest. But instead my hubby and I started watching Autotune the News videos on YouTube, and then it was midnight {aren't iPhones great? ug.}

I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with only a couple pairs of jeans. I have a hard time finding ones that fit, and once I find a pair I love, I just wear those until they wear out.

Day Four: I had a great plan for my day: work, hang my Images for a Cure event fliers at Starbucks and local coffee shops, take my fashion pictures, clean the house, and then go to a friend's house for dinner. ...But instead work was crazy. I had hoped to leave at 3pm. I finished at 6pm. Our friends were sick so dinner was cancelled. It was already too late to go dropping off posters, and it was dark out, so no pictures at the locations I had hoped. Instead I used the studio at work. I'd been using it all day for some product shoots, so everything was still setup!

Finished my press release, thought it might be good to have a picture to include, either of the following?

Details: I love wearing bows in my hair. ;]
The cameo necklace was my grandmothers. She passed away last fall and I inherited a it. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.
The boots are one of my favorite finds. I got them on clearance at Mervyns when they were going out of business. Bought a pair in black and then a pair in brown a few days later.

Jeans: Same jeans as day two
Sweater: The Gap - but from Plato's closet
Boots: Mervyns, clearance
Cameo: inherited from my grandmother

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day Three | Fall Fashion Week

I'm really beginning to like fall fashion week (thank you again Emery - for hosting and Tiffany - for inspiring me to get in on the fun). I miss taking self-portraits {that sounds completely conceited, but I mean it in an artistic expression kind of way} & I'm really enjoying looking at everyone else's outfits and their blogs. And of course, who doesn't like comments that tell you your outfit is cute? {admit it... we all do}.
~ Rachel... your comment made me laugh out loud. How many more points to I need before we can be friends? I love your blog and your outfits!
~ Em-Jae... Thank you! and Hilderbrand definately isn't a common name.. so maybe there is a relation (although I don't know most of my husbands relatives other than parents & grandparents.) ;]

Yesterday I was a madwoman: trespassing into a neighboor's yard, freezing my butt off to get some good images, steeping some Vanilla Chai Tea {my current favorite}, editing and typing as quick as possible, then running off {5 minutes late} to my ladies' bible study {we're reading Helper by Design.. I highly recommend it for all you wives}. Then I was back home moderating comments {like I'm really going to deny any of them}, and simultaneously making quiche {spinach, mushroom, feta, & ham - YUM} for dinner while checking everyone else's posts! You ladies are awesome! And once again I had lofty idea that I would get to bed by 10... but once again it did not happen. {but with good excuse... I was working on a press release for my Images for a Cure event. I've never done a press release before so I was kind of stumped as to what it should say. You can read about the event here.. PLUS you can help me spread the word!}

Day Three: I made it to bed around 1am again. I know that I need to get more sleep, but there just haven't been enough hours in the day! Work was a whirlwind! I spent the morning working on my portion of a grant project {fulfilled my nerdy needs in crunching some numbers} then spent the afternoon doing a photoshoot of some products we need images from for a brochure. Then I dropped of some prints to my lovely bride Jeanne. I photographed her wedding back in July. {see images here}

Jeanne is an absolute sweetheart. We may be far apart in age, but we get along great, and I'm always so glad when I get to drop things off to her. Plus she has a fantastic eye for design {she owned/owns(?) her own interior design company}. The very first day we met I was blown away by her porch - which looked like it came straight out of a magazine. On my way out of her driveway, a large shark caught my eye, and every trip since I've told myself I have to get some pictures with it. And today I did! Jeanne laughed when I asked her if it would be okay, but I was thrilled.

Details: I think this is the first shot you can really tell that almost half of my hair is blonde while the rest is brown. Its natural {honest!}. The curls are natural too. God blessed me with a head of unruly crazy hair... but I've learned to love it. ;] {although I am due for a cut}
~I <3 my toms. When I first bought them I applied scotch guard {maybe 5 coats??} so that they'd be easier to clean once they got dirty. Monday they were filthy, so I use some spray in wash, threw them in with a load of laundry, and voila.. good as new! Now they just need a few more layers of scotch guard! ~I also love this scarf. You can wear it almost every which way, and it doubles as a beautiful table runner {which looked great a couple weeks back with a dish of apples!}

Jeans: Same jeans as day two {I only own two pairs of jeans that fit... but it works. Wear them a couple times, wash, repeat.}
White t-shirt: Ross or Marshalls
Striped boyfriend cardigan: Old Navy clearance
Yellow scarf: Target (I think?)
Toms: {if you don't know what toms are.. go check out their website!!}

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{shark face | unjump one | unjump two}

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Two | Fall Fashion Week

Do you ever have those moments where you look at the clock and say "I should go to bed" and then look down and look back up and its been 3-4 hours and you still aren't in bed? That's my story from last night. Around 10pm I told my hubby that we should head to be so we could wake up early (I originally thought if I got up early enough I could take my fashion picture before I headed to work). Instead we watched the 10pm news, discussed Thanksgiving plans, read for a study today, and picked up the house and all of a sudden it was 1am!! And consequently this morning I hit snooze until the last minute we could get up. Then it was off to work and putting of my picture until I returned from work.

Day two - It appeared to be beautiful and nice out today (from inside) but when I got home it was freezing! Thankgoodness I opted for jeans instead of a skirt. Althought with the weather forcast, it looks like I'll continue to avoid skirts all week. Yesterday it was warm enough that I could comfortably stand outside without a coat, but today it was so cold I could barely step outside even though I was wearing a cardigan and a scarf!

Details & Accessories - I handmade this tote! I drew the camera and then created a polymer plate out of it (kind of like a stamp) and then handprinted it with wooden text on paper using a printing press. Then I got the bright idea to print it on canvas tote bags! (and for the most part it worked) The fabric folded a bit on this one and so there's a small break in the camera print. Like it? I have extras and will be selling them on Etsy soon. If your not a waiting person, then you can view their blog post here and buy one!. ;]

This backdrop is my neighbors front yard. They moved out suddenly over a year ago and haven't been back. No one else has moved in and no one has stopped by to take care of it. Weird. I almost didn't hop my fence {I mean.. technically that's trespassing, right?!?} but it was the closer of my two possible scenes for today {and need I remind you it was FREEZING?} so I did it.
And here's some of today's outtakes:

Jeans: Paris Blues from Ross/Marshalls ($10-$15)
Purple blouse: One Clothing (Clothing exchange - free)
Gray Cardigan: Poetry from Ross/Marshalls($5-10)
Cream scarf: Walmart or Target ($5-10)
Brown Buckle Boots: Ross/Marshalls ($10-$15)
Tote: $3 for canvas tote + my time! ;]

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day One | Fall Fashion Week

For the past year I've watched a fellow photographer Tiffany particpate in various Fashion Weeks... and after her post this morning, I decided it was time to join the fun!

I guess (if I understand it right) all I have to do is take a picture of my outfit each day this week! You can view a list of all the blogs of other people participating on Emery's Blog.

So today was day one. I was a half lazy bum all morning. I did tons of housework [the unlazy half of me] but stayed in my pajamas and didn't even brush my teeth [ew! definately the lazy half of me]. By midday I couldn't take anymore and showered and put together day one's outfit!

It may be fall already, (and getting chilly) but Mondays (and Fridays) I work from home doing photography work so most of my day is spent inside, and my house heats up nice and toasty from sun streaking through our windows. [meaning I didn't have to have a heavy sweater or sweatshirt on]

But just incase I needed to go outside I had a jacket planned into my outfit.

Last year I did a self-portrait 365 project (one portrait each day) with my Nikon. I had a remote and it made things easy. Now I'm using my Canon 5D Mark ii... and for whatever reason, the remote I bought [that isn't Canon brand but designed for the 5d and 5d mark ii cameras] will only do remote trigger, it won't do remote+timer. So here's a few outtakes of me trying to get my remote to work. (Yes I even tried to bounce it off a mirror.. which worked, but I couldn't get the placement right) I finally gave up and shot everything on timer, running to and from my camera in between each shot. [forgive the mean faces... I wasn't angry... I guess my concentration face is just a little unhappy]

Turquoise Flats: Target (my hubby picked them out for me as a Christmas present last year.. but couldn't wait that long and ended up giving them to me the same day he bought them!)
Jeans: Old Navy (clearance $6)
T-shirt: American Eagle (clearance $5)
Knit Vest: Target (5-6 years ago)
Jacket: JC Penny (clearance $3)

{wow - today really reveals that I am a bargain shopper! I love finding great deals in the clearance racks, thrift stores, garage sales, and even making things!]

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Images for a Cure Event | Saturday Nov 6th, 2010

Mark your calendars and call me ASAP! I'm now booking for the Images for a Cure Event!

You can help spread the word!
Post this message to Facebook:

Help find a cure! Schedule a portrait mini-session with Harmony Hilderbrand Photography on Sat Nov 6th and the $50 mini-session fee will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. More info at Please help spread the word by posting this as your status!

Post this message to Twitter:
Find a cure! Book a mini-session w/ @HarmonyMay on 11/6 & the session fee goes to @BCRFWorldPink Info at PlsRT

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vegas Reflection June 2010

I was digging through some pictures and found these shots I took when I was in Vegas this past June for a conference. I thought they'd be fun to share! Seanna (my coworker from my office job) and her husband Steve had a fantastic view of the Vegas strip... (while I got stuck with a view of the parking garage ...yay *sarcasm*) and asked if I'd take a quick portrait of them. ;] Of course I said yes!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lazy Las Vegas

This weekend my husband and I (and my father-in-law) drove to Las Vegas for a Karate Championship. I really wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not a Vegas person. I think it's dirty and full of people trying to live the Vegas motto "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" to the limit. ...but as a loving wife, I went and it was nice to have a short get away from our daily routine.

The trip started off with my mother-in-law freaking out about our hotel. When we picked up Jeff's dad we told them where Jeff and I would be staying... the El Cortez hotel... which was followed by a few minutes of extreme warnings about the quality of our hotel choice... which according to her was in the worst part of town, frequented by druggies and whores, and complimented by an extremely unsafe parking garage. Jeff and I had read tons of reviews on tons of hotels and for the price, the reviews could not be beat. But we're much more inclined to trust the opinion of people we know... And so we started to worry. (We've had bad hotel experiences before... In March we went to San Diego and got a grey deal on America's Best Value Inn.. Which turned out to have no value, and instead was a dirty dingy tiny room with puke on the stairs and blood on the floor... But that's a whole different story).

The drive was long and it was intermittently spent worrying about our hotel. Our worrying was only made worse when we made it to Jeff's uncle's house, where Uncle Greg confirmed the impression left by Jeff's mom.

The pitstop bathrooms were either horrible... no toilet paper, dirty floors, walls, mirrors, & counters or fantastic, clean, and tidy.

We didn't get to the hotel until after 10pm. And we were very relieved. It was much nicer than expected. The El Cortez was owned by Bugsy Siegel (Las Vegas mobster) back in the day, and we stayed in a vintage queen room that was one of the original rooms from Bugsy's time. The room was smaller, but had been tastefully redecorated recently. It was clean and comfortable (although the floor creaked slightly) and even had little toiletries (which earns a hotel major points in my book ;] ). To make it even cooler there was a traditional barber on the floor of our rooms (right above the casino) and jeff got his haircut from him!

The parking garage was well lit, safe, and overlooked a crazy art piece that lit up at night!

Friday we spent most of the day hanging out and watching the Karate seminars. I mostly don't understand it so I took some pictures, played on my phone, read a couple magazines, and lost myself in rabbit trails of thoughts. By the end of the day I felt pretty lazy, like I hadn't done anything (which was partially true, but at the same time I was being a loving and supportive wife so I suppose that counters some of the laziness feeling).

We ate dinner at the best sushi place ever. If you're ever in Vegas go to Wayne's Sushi Bar (inside Shilla Korean BBQ, near the Palace Station). The place is run by Wayne (a Mr. Miyagi look-alike from Hawaii) and his wife. They make amazing sushi and their conversation makes you feel like you've web good friend for years. To make it even better they take turns singing you karaoke (and they can really sing) and then offer the karaoke mic to the customers.

Saturday Jeff and I had breakfast at Blueberry Hill. Normally Jeff gets the man breakfast and I get the sweet & frilly breakfast, but for whatever reason I was craving ham and eggs and Jeff went for blueberry crepes. Everything was delicious, and neither of us could finish everything on our plates.

We did a little shopping (I got jeans on clearance for $6 and a shirt for $5!!!!!) and then headed to Uncle Greg's to meet up for some karate time. Karate time turned into 3 hrs of discussion on conspiracy theories (and I didn't have my computer to work on something else while they were busy, :/ ).

After dinner we raced go-karts at the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix. I kicked butt and had a blast the first time, but got stuck with a really crappy cart the second time. When I got back to our room I had exhaust ash all over my face!!! (ew!)

Later that night Jeff and I walked down Fremony street to the Fremont street experience.. A huge outdoor mall covered with a huge LCD screen thingy that plays various art/video/music compilations. It was crowded, but we walked around and even saw a ton of look alike actors and Elvis!

Sunday the guys did some Kenpo and visited Jeff Speakman's studio and then we headed home, through the wide open Nevada landscape and on-off rain.

Overall, there were lots of fun parts, but I'm just not a Vegas person. I don't really care for the sights and sounds and scene... so I'm really glad to be home, in my own bed, in my quiet little town. ;]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chocolate Truffles

Every year I donate to the Grace Christian Academy (GCA) Dinner Auction. Its a fundraiser to help support the costs of running the school. This year, in addition to donations, I'm making a dessert for them to auction off after dinner. However, since Jeff and I will be heading out of town during the dinner auction, I needed something I could make ahead of time that would stay fresh for a couple days. I called my mom in a half-panic.. "What can I make that will still taste delicious a couple days later?" She offered to give me an amazing chocolate torte recipe.. but the ingredient list involved many items I do not have {okay mainly brandy...} and I don't own a spring-form pan. So instead I reverted to truffles.

Truffles may sound daunting to many of you.. but I've made them a handful of times, and never had any complaints on them. I'm sure you're all super excited to make your own truffles now.. so here's the recipe. {Recipe from the pioneer woman.}

Truffle Main Ingredients
Delicious chocolate - I used 8oz of Ghiradeli semi-sweet and 8oz of Ghiradeli 60% bittersweet (use your favorite brand, chips or bars are fine, just make sure you don't use the entire 12 ounces if you're using bags!)
Sweetened condensed milk - 14oz can (whatever brand your store carries)
Vanilla extract - 1 Tablespoon (Don't use imitation, use the real stuff from a good brand.)

Use a double boiler or a metal or glass bowl over a pot of gently boiling water.

Add chocolate to top bowl, stir until melted.

Add condensed milk, stir until combined. Don't worry.. the texture of the mixture gets really weird.

Add vanilla extract, stir until mixed. The texture should get smoother.

Remove from heat, refrigerate for 2 hours.

Truffle Finishing Ingredients
Delicious chocolate - Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, &/or Dark Chocolate
Sea salt - if you don't have sea salt you can use a coarse salt like kosher salt
Powdered sugar or cocoa powder - to dust or roll the truffles in
Coconut, chopped nuts, chocolate shavings, etc. - whatever you desire to top your truffles with or roll your truffles in.

You can finish your truffles however you like. I followed the recipe and used milk chocolate and sea salt for the first few and then switched the color scheme around and used white chocolate with dark chocolate shavings.

Start by creating small balls out of the slightly firm truffle mixture. Don't make the balls too large or they will be way too sweet and noone will want to finish it!

Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Then cover each ball with chocolate. You can drop the balls, turn them around and fish them out... but I found it was easier to use a large serving fork - put a spoonful of melted chocolate on the fork, then the ball, then spoon more chocolate over the top. I use a toothpick to help get the excess chocolate off the fork. {When you melt the chocolate, heat and stir and heat and stir until all the chunks of chocolate are just barely no longer lumpy. Otherwise your chocolate will be too hot and will just melt right off the truffle!}

The fork is also useful for easy transport onto wax paper or a cooling rack. I used a toothpick to slide it off the fork. Then I used a grater to flake tiny shavings of dark chocolate onto the top of the truffle while the chocolate was still wet.

Make sure to the let chocolate dry. White chocolate dries ridiculously fast at room temperature. Milk and dark chocolate on the other hand take forever. You can speed up the process by putting them in the fridge.

And voila! Decadent Chocolate Truffles! ;D

Let me know if you try making them and how they turn out. ;]


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