Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Review

Boring, anxious, and empty. When I started this year, I had no bookings, nada, zilch, zulch. I wasn't sure where I wanted my business to go, and I wasn't trying to get anything moving, but rather, hoping it would blossom on its own. Then one inquiry lead to another and another, and my photography business started to pick up. I am so blessed to have worked with so many amazing clients this year. If I could reach through my computer and give all of you big hugs, I would! (but maybe I'll have to save them until our next sessions). But honestly, thank you. 2011 was a big year of growth. It started off with nothing, and finished with more than I could believe. I've begun dreaming up big ideas and plans for my photography business for 2012. And I can't wait for all the new clients I'll get to meet along the way. I'll be posting the backlog of 2011 weddings and portrait sessions for everyone to enjoy soon, so check back, and tell your friends! Happy New Year!

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